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Up-to-date courses are key to skill advancement and staying in competition. That's why we are always adding new courses to our extensive library. We are soon coming up with two new titles on Windows 7: Windows 7 The All New Experience and Working with Windows 7. If you are familiar with any of the existing Windows operating system and want to learn about the new features in Windows 7, these courses are for you.  
Windows 7 The All New Experience        

This course is the first course in the series of Windows 7 courses. It covers the new features of Windows 7 and provides a comparison with Windows XP and Windows Vista. The course also explains the enhancements, such as file management; program and device management; and improved security, communication, and networking. The self-running animations in the course help you use the enhancements of Windows 7 more efficiently.

The course covers the following lessons:
  • Introducing Windows 7
  • Interface, Accessibility, and Application Enhancements
  • Organization and Management Features
  • Networking and Security Features
Course Duration: Approx. 1.5 hrs.

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Working with Windows 7        

This course is the second course in the series of Windows 7 courses. Starting from basics, such as features and recommended hardware, the course teaches how to customize Windows 7 settings to optimize performance. It also explains how to use folders and libraries for file management. Other features that are covered in the course include device and software management, communication and networking, and securing and optimizing Windows 7. The course provides you with hands-on experience on working with Windows 7 through a simulated environment and ample practice exercises.

The course covers the following lessons:
  • Getting Started with Windows 7
  • Working with Files and Folders
  • Working with Programs and Devices
  • Performing Windows 7 Customization
  • Communication and Networking
  • Securing and Optimizing Windows 7
Course Duration: Approx. 3.0 hrs.

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