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TeachMeIT online training courses offer unique features and benefits apart from the wide range in which they are available. These easy to use and self paced courses have the following features:

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  • Quality content focusing on exhaustive explanations and detailed information
  • Pre Course tests to gauge where you stand
  • Final Exam/Mastery Module to test your preparation, knowledge, and learning
  • Online Reports to identify your weak areas and Highlight strengths
  • TeachMeIT Certificates on achieving set targets
    The new TeachMeIT Course engine has the following features:
Course OutlineMultimedia ElementsPractices and Assessments
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     Course Outline
All TeachMeIT courses include a course outline or a course menu that displays how the course is structured in various lessons and topics. Generally, each course is divided into lessons, with each lesson having several topics and a quiz. You can use the course outline to quickly navigate to a topic.
     Multimedia Elements
All TeachMeIT courses contain several multimedia elements, such as text, audio, graphics, and simulations or animations.
 Text and Audio
Each topic in a TeachMeIT course contains several pages of text or concepts. Additionally, it may contain voiceover for some or all frames depending on the learners requirement.
Graphics not only make the course interesting but also enhance recall and retention. Depending on the level of learner knowledge and the type of course content, a course can use static graphics, animated graphics, conceptual graphics, screenshots, or real-life photographs.
 Simulations or Animations
Different types of simulations or animations used in TeachMeIT courses are software simulations, social simulations, virtual reality, and video simulations.
     Practices and Assessments
eLearning courses include several testing tools and techniques to test learners on their progress. The common testing tools used in courses include practices, lab exercises, assessments, quizzes, and inline questions.
Practices are meant for providing hands-on experience to users for performing the tasks covered in the course, and thereby help in evaluating their understanding of action-based objectives.
 Lab Exercises
Lab exercises contain complete instructions to write a piece of code and provide diagnostic feedback if a user types an incorrect answer. Labs often contain sample program files that users can download, compile, and reuse in their programs.
TeachMeIT Courses may include both pre assessments and post assessments. The purpose of the pre assessment is to test students' existing knowledge and skills. Post assessments are used to grade or score students' performance based on the content covered in the course. Some courses also provide certificates based on the score achieved.
Each lesson in a TeachMeIT course contains a quiz at the end. The quiz serves as a tool to evaluate learning and, typically, provides scores to students at end.
 Types of Questions
TeachMeIT courses may include any/all the types of questions. Some common categories of question types include the following.
  • True/False (T/F)
  • Fill in the blanks (FIB)
  • Multiple-choice (MC or MMC)
  • Match the following
  • Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Labeling
  • Point-and-click
     Learning Aids
TeachMeIT courses also include learning aids or tools to make learning a useful experience. The most common learning aids used in eLearning courses include tips, glossary, Notepad, bookmarks, and help.
Tips provide useful "hints" from subject matter experts who are familiar with and work with the concept or application on a regular basis. Tips include information that is nice to know, but it is not imperative that the learner must know it to meet the course objective.
TeachMeIT courses content often contains complex or technical words that may need to be defined. A glossary is an alphabetical listing of all such words along with their definitions.
The Notepad feature allows students to copy the course content in a Notepad file, add personal notes, and save the file for future reference.
TeachMeIT course may include two types of bookmarks, course level and page level. The course level bookmark helps users mark their location within a course so that next time when they access the course, they can choose to return to the same location within the course. Additionally, learners can bookmark different pages in the course that they want to return later for reference.
The search feature enables a user to quickly search for the required content in a course by typing certain keywords.
At times, a user, who is new to online training, may have difficulty in navigating through a course or using its features. eLearning courses generally provide a help facility to introduce new users to the features of the course.
A dispop is an area of the screen on which a user can click to display a popup window containing text or graphics. Dispops provide an element of interactivity in online courses.
A hotword is a word or phrase that is interactive. When a user clicks a hotword, a definition of the word or the phrase appears.
A keyword is a technical term used within a topic and is newly introduced within the context of the topic.
     Progress Tracking Tools
 TeachMeIT courses provide tools to track and acknowledge students' progress in the course. Two such tools include the progress bar and the course completion certificate.
 Progress Bar
The progress bar provides an indication of the percentage of course completed. It may also be used to indicate the course completion status of topics, that is, whether a topic is partially or fully complete.
 Course Completion Certificate
A course completion certificate is provided to a student upon completing a course successfully. Students can print their certificates to serve as a tangible indicator of their successful course completion.
     Free Demo
TeachMeIT Course Engine ensures that learners learn in a relaxed and convenient environment. Discover what differentiates TeachMeIT courses from its competitor's offerings.


By purchasing one of these online training courses, an individual has unlimited access to all courses in that pack for one full year. So you can take those courses over and over if desired.
Purchasing a Course
Visit the course catalog for viewing the entire course list and selecting the course of your choice. Add the selected courses to the shopping cart and follow the instructions to complete the purchase process.
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Starting a Purchased Course
Once you have purchased the course, login in to the My training center. Login using the username and the password that you registered with at the Website. Once logged in you will see the links for 'My course list'. Click on the link and access the course of your course from the list of courses that you have purchased at TeachMeIT.
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