Survey-Analysis-Decision Support for Training Manager


eCommet Learning Evaluator™ is a powerful web-based survey, analysis and decision support application service+ to obtain immediate, continual and timely feedback on your training programs from your employees to directly increase the effectiveness of your initiatives.


eCommet end to end professional services available to implement eCommet Learning Evaluator.


eCommet Learning Evaluator Value:


Measurable results from survey and analysis to identifying practical next steps:

  • Easy survey set-up with questions from BTI’s Questions Bank
  • Effortless distribution and collection via email, disk or web site link.
  • Powerful statistical analysis and report generation.
  • Generates and prioritizes practical business next steps
  • Allows tracking of training programs from next steps recommendations.
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   Easy to Implement- Does not require IT expertise:   
  • Web-based, XML ready and secure application service with your own private database for ongoing use.
  • Thin client – no software required at your end.
   Easy to use- Does not require training:   
  • Intuitive, uncomplicated process for administrators and responders
  • eCommet Learning Evaluator services available to respond to end-user queries.
   Pay as you Go – with convenient payment options:   
  • Flexible and optional services available for eCommet Learning Evaluator database maintenance, administration and archiving services.
  • eCommet end-to-end professional services available for questionnaire set-up, monitoring and analysis.

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Can you afford not to measure what your employees need and match it with what you are delivering?
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