eCommet for Employee Feedback


Global Medical Systems (GMS – name withheld for confidentiality) which sells high-end medical systems solutions to large and medium sized hospitals and practices, used eCommet to develop productivity and quality enhancing learning solutions by obtaining feedback from their employees in international sales.


Survey-analyses were designed for sales divisions in multiple countries, taking into account their region, qualifications and experience levels. The survey was conducted with a sample of 20% from a population of over 300.

The actionable results from the survey-analyses included:
a) Need to tailor training by regions depending on products and services in demand ranging from those focused basic training in products and services (over 50%), to training IT training (30%), training in financing options (20%) and workflow impact analysis (over 40%)
b) Need for continual mentor type training to enable troubleshooting in changing product/service and customer environments (over 55%)
c) Need for blended learning, ranging from face-to-face to web-based eLearning, for foundational education and ongoing refresher courses for each of the specific Learning programs.


eCommet web-based secure survey-analysis enabled GMS to re-align training costs by designing and implementing cost-effective productivity and quality enhancing training solutions tailored to be delivered using blended methods for specific local needs. Results included improved sales and service effectiveness leading to customer satisfaction and increased employee morale.


eCommet process was accomplished rapidly and credibly and the data from multiple surveys in eCommet has begun building a powerful customer behavior database at GMS, whose value will multiply with increasing use.

Can you afford not to measure what your employees need and match it with what you are delivering?

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