Use our training deployment engine as it is or customize it…
   All our courses can be fashioned to your corporate 'look and feel' using your existing company brand(s), color, and the logo. Our clients are using custom courses as part of their TeachMeIT e-learning solution to drive critical information, knowledge and skills to their employees, partners, sales teams, and customers.   
    You can use our proprietary AICC-compliant training deployment engine as it is, to deploy your e-learning solutions. Better still, you also have the option of developing your own online training content, if you go in for the development license of our engine. This gives you the ability to create and customize your training based on your requirements, with tremendous cost savings
    We can customize our engine to suit your requirements and create an overall efficient and effective deployment engine for your training program
    We can create and deploy your training from scratch. Thereby, giving you a platform to deliver learning to your employees
    We can also help you broaden the scope of your service offering by integrating our courses with your Learning Management System (LMS) because our engine has been developed using AICC guidelines
   To discuss your e-learning requirements, please contact a TeachmeIT representative at or complete this simple form and submit it. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.   

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