A+ 2003 Certification
   Demand for good PC technicians has been increasing by the day; however, being good at your job is not enough anymore. A+ 2003 Certification will enhance your current credentials, help pave the way to better job opportunities and give you an edge over other PC Repair Technicians. Our courses for A+ 2003 Certification fully prepare Individuals for the A+ 2003 Certification exams. These courses give Individuals everything needed to pass the A+ exams. Earning A+ 2003 certification means that the individual possesses the knowledge and skills essential for becoming a successful computer service technician, as defined by experts from companies across the industry. The test covers a broad range of hardware and software technologies.   
   A+ Curriculum   
   Basic Concepts of a PC
Installing and Configuring a PC
Operating Systems
Preventive PC Maintenance
Troubleshooting PC-related Problems

   Follow these steps to become A+ 2003 Certified Professional:
Need for Certification

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