Specialized instructional skills and technical expertise …
Instructional Expertise
   TeachmeIT brings the following specialized skills to all learning projects –   
    Exceptional skills in instructional design, graphical interface design, visualization, programming, and management
    Extensive experience through delivery of more than 1000 hours of training created using 250,000 person hours
    Proven instructional design methodology (we have used it to successfully design and implement over 250 CBT and WBT titles)
    Clearly defined standards and procedures for all phases of CBT and WBT development
    Subject matter expertise available from a pool of over 500 in-house developers in varied technology
Technical Expertise
   TeachmeIT possesses the technological capabilities to effectively undertake training projects with varying challenges. We have worked with most technologies including Java, Microsoft, Macromedia Director and Flash,Icon Author Authorware, and Toolbook. By utilizing the solution framework provided by these technologies, TeachmeIT can provide the reliable and quality solutions that our clients expect.   
   Our team of project managers, instructional designers, programmers, media specialists, graphic artists, documentation experts and QA specialists, can partner with an organization’s personnel, in order to create training solutions ranging from creating an online training kit to fit a given framework to creating a complete authoring and delivery platform encompassing a Learning Management System, for Web based learning. TeachmeIT has a successful and proven background to deliver even the largest and most complex training solutions that demand the highest reliability and flexibility to meet a particular organization’s training needs   
Standards and Methodology
   TeachmeIT has established its own standards and methodologies, which have been tested and proven to be highly successful. These internally developed standards and methods are used in all our service models in order to provide the superior service that our clients expect.   
Quality Control and Testing
   TeachmeIT has the technical capability and Quality Assurance controls that include processes that will ensure the proper operation of its training software in any given environment. The training software and content that is developed goes through a stringent testing process before installation, in order to verify its complete functionality, reliability, and technical precision. In addition, interim testing and progress reports provide the necessary information to maintain the project’s schedule, budget considerations and its overall objectives.   
   To discuss your e-learning requirements, please contact a TeachmeIT representative at sales@teachmeit.com or complete this simple form and submit it. Our representative will get in touch with you shortly.   

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