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The TeachMeIT Reseller Partner Program

TeachMeIT Reseller Partner Program offers you UNLIMITED earning potential. Catering to a large segment of eLearning companies and verticals, this affiliate program enables its partners to provide online courses and training to their users, clients, and members.

The Affiliate Program offers two benefits.

 It helps its partners to accomplish their mission of providing value  added services to their members and/or customers.

It provides an additional source of revenue for the partners.

Under the affiliate program, TeachMeIT collaborates with a partner who is interested in adding online courses and learning solutions in its catalog of offerings. A co-branded website is developed highlighting the brand of the partner. The partners' logo appears on all the pages of the co-branded website. The co-branded website hosts TeachMeIT Courses as well.

The partner links the co-branded website from his website(s) allowing visitors to access and purchase the online courses. For each purchase TeachMeIT offers the partner a share in the revenue. TeachMeIT also ensures online reports and sales tracking mechanism for the partner. The partner earns revenue for both individual purchases as well as corporate sales, per the terms and conditions decided upon between the two parties.

Joining the Affiliate Program is simple and easy.

  Affiliate Program Offers

 Wide range of online courses and  learning solutions

 Co-branded website

 Promotional and marketing material for the  co-branded website

 Commission on sales generated on the  co-branded website

 Online reports/tracking for partner

  Our Partners
  The Partners who have greatly benefited from our programs include:
 Aggregators/Resellers/Training Providers
 Systems Integrators
 Job Boards
 Educational Institutions
 Recruiting Sites
 Internet Service
 Original Equipment Manufacturers
 Application Service Providers
 Portal/Content Websites
  Fill up the partnership form to join the growing network of TeachMeIT   Affiliate Partners.
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