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 Fundamentals of Macromedia Flash 8
 Creating Movies with Macromedia Flash 8
 Using ActionScript in Macromedia Flash 8

Course Name Creating Animations with Macromedia Flash 8
Audience This course is intended for designers and developers who plan to use Macromedia Flash Professional 8 to create and edit engaging animations.
Course Requirements You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above OR Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.78 or above.

Plug-in Requirements
Macromedia Flash plug-in for Windows for IE/NN
- Familiarity with Windows
- Familiarity with the Web and its terminology
- Fundamentals of Macromedia Flash 8 (WBT)
Course Duration 3.5 hours
Course Objectives This course covers the various components used for creating and organizing animations. It teaches users to create and use layers and layer folders. Additionally, the course acquaints users with the features of the Flash 8 Timeline and the procedure of working with frames in the Timeline. The course also provides information about symbols and Flash libraries. It also covers concepts related to testing and publishing animations before posting them on the Web.
Course Outline
  1. Working with Layers
    1. Creating a Layer
    2. Managing Layers and Layer Folders
    3. Quiz
  2. Working with Timelines
    1. Features of Timelines
    2. Working with Frames in Timelines
    3. Quiz
  3. Working with Symbols and Flash Libraries
    1. Creating Symbols and Instances
    2. Using Flash Libraries
    3. Try It
    4. Quiz
  4. Creating and Publishing Animations
    1. Creating Animations
    2. Creating Complex Animations
    3. Creating Movie Clips
    4. Previewing and Testing Movies
    5. Publishing Movies
    6. Quiz