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 Creating Animations with Macromedia Flash 8
 Creating Movies with Macromedia Flash 8
 Using ActionScript in Macromedia Flash 8

Course Name Fundamentals of Macromedia Flash 8
Audience This course is intended for designers and developers who plan to use Macromedia Flash Professional 8 to create media-rich content by including pictures, sound, video, and special effects.
Course Requirements You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above OR Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.78 or above.

Plug-in Requirements
Macromedia Flash plug-in for Windows for IE/NN
- Familiarity with Windows
- Familiarity with the Web and its terminology
Course Duration 4 hours
Course Objectives The course covers the Flash 8 interface and commonly used Flash features. It also teaches students to create graphics, draw precisely, and use filters and blends. Additionally, the course covers the import, selection, editing, and rearrangement of objects. It also teaches users to work with colors and apply text effects.
Course Outline
  1. Getting Started with Flash 8
    1. Features
    2. Interface Elements
    3. Quiz
  2. Working with Graphics
    1. Creating Graphics
    2. Using Filters and Blends
    3. Quiz
  3. Working with Objects
    1. Importing Objects
    2. Selecting Objects
    3. Editing Objects
    4. Rearranging Objects
    5. Quiz
  4. Working with Color and Text
    1. Working with Colors
    2. Editing Colors
    3. Working with Text
    4. Do It Yourself
    5. Quiz